School Resource Officer Program


The Hanover Township Police Department
in Conjuntion with


the Hanover Area School District
A Safe Learning community within a diverse society.

In 2015, the Hanover Township Board of Commissioners and the Hanover Area School Board came together and proudly announce the implementation of a School Resource Officer (SRO) into the school district. That year the Hanover Township Board of Commissioners were awarded a $66,000 Safe Schools Competitive Grant from the Department of Education. The Grant allowed the Commissioners to fund a Police Department trained School Resource Officer for the Hanover Area School District. The Board of Commissioners also appointed a Safe Schools Committee to assist with the implementation and strategic planning of this program. Then in 2016 the Board of Commissioners were awarded a $125,000 Department of Justice, COPS Hiring Federal Competitive Grant. This grant will allow the program to continue at very little cost and work to ensure the safety of many children over the next three years.  

The Hanover Area School District and The Hanover Township Police Department recognize the need for intervention and prevention in an effort to reduce crime among juveniles in school based settings. To meet this need, the district and the police department placed a full time School Resource Officer (SRO) into the Hanover Area School District.

The issue of creating safe schools is a concern shared by the community. Children find it difficult to learn and teachers cannot teach if violence or the threat of violence is present in our schools. Our children, teachers and staff have the right to expect the schools to be safe and to be a place where they are not threatened, intimidated, or victimized and where education can be maximized.

This program is an effort to address school based crime, but is also an endeavor to provide juvenile prevention, intervention, mediation, and counseling through a variety of programs. This will also help to reduce juvenile crime throughout the community. The SRO is integrated into the school district and became a part of that community in a non-offensive manner very much like a teacher, nurse, or custodian.

The SRO knows the layout of the schools and grounds as well as the rules and regulations. The SRO makes intentional efforts to become familiar with and will get to know the children as he will be interacting with them on a daily basis, which will afford the children the opportunity to interact with the SRO; ranging from classroom presentations to perhaps shooting hoops in the gym.

The SRO benefits the school district and the community in many ways, to include, but not limited to: laying the foundation and support for a trustful, free exchange of ideas as well as suggestions and concerns.

It is the opinion of the Hanover Area School District and the Hanover Township Police Department that integrating an SRO into the school district will allow students to have a safe learning environment and will assist in allowing the students, parents, residents, and visitors of our community to feel safe while in our community.

The SRO Program could not be possible without the assistance and support of the Hanover Area School Board and the Hanover Township Board of Commissioners.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • To facilitate a safe and stable learning environment with an emphasis on youth crime prevention and reduction.
  • To reduce violence and delinquency in the schools through intervention programs. 
  • To conduct crime prevention programs within the school. 
  • To promote positive role models for the students, parents, faculty and staff. 
  • To offer positive role models for the students.
  • To work with and assist District Justice Joseph Halesey and staff during in-school hearings.
  • To mentor "at risk" students.

We encourage anyone with information, questions, or concerns to contact the SRO, The Hanover Township Police Department or the Hanover Area School District. Any information can be provided in an anonymous and confidential manner if so requested.

Benefits of School Resource Officers

  • Increased safety of students, faculty, administrators, and visitors within the school.
  • SROs will instruct students on crime prevention and related law enforcement issues.
  • SROs can act as counselors/mentors who serve students and their families as well as act as a liaison between the police department and school district and the community.
  • SROs act as positive role models.
  • SROs provide on campus resources for the faculty and the community.
  • SROs create an orderly and safe atmosphere which is conducive to effective learning.
  • Reduce juvenile crimes in schools.
  • Promote a greater understanding between students, community and law enforcement.

Contact Numbers

School Resource Officer: 570-831-2300 ext: 178

Hanover Area High School: 570-831-2300
Hanover Township Police Department: 570-825-1254
Hanover Memorial Elementary School: 570-822-5102
Lee Park Elementary School: 570-824-4741
Hanover Green Elementary School: 570-824-3941

2015 Hanover Area School Resource Officer Program Award

HA School Resource Offiver Award

On June 1, 2015 the first ever School Resource Officer Program Awards were announced at the Hanover Area High School Award Ceremony. The program recognized two students for their commitment to the theme of what the School Resource Officer Program is designed for. The main attributes of the individuals selected are: Safety – Character – Tolerance, among other items important to school and community welfare. Pictured at the Award Ceremony are from L-R: Mr. Robert Biscontini, Safe Schools Committee, Ariel McPeek, Award Recipient, John Murphy, Award Recipient and School Resource Officer John Van Why.

Township Meetings

The Board of Commissioners hold their monthly meetings on the first and second Monday of the month. The first Monday is the Worksession. The second Monday is the Public Meeting.Board Minutes can be found here.

The Board worksession starts at 6:00 PM and the Public meeting starts at 7:00 PM.


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